Benefits of Multi-Hand Video Poker

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Poker is one of those casino games that never seem to lose popularity because people love how exciting it is and simply can't resist playing! Of course, there are different types of poker games for players to choose from and some prefer video poker for various reasons such as the fact that it is so easy to play from the comfort of your own home on a computer or even just about anywhere else on a mobile version of an online casino. If you already know how much fun video poker is but have yet to try multi-hand video poker, you are in for a treat!

The Difference between Video Poker and Multi-Hand Video Poker

Video poker games are so sought after by players that some online casinos have dedicated rooms for them. In a standard video poker game, you get to play a single game at a time which is just fine for most players, but some players crave even more excitement from video poker games and that is why top software developers in the industry began to develop multi-hand video poker games that would allow people to play more than one hand at a time; in fact, there are games that allow players to handle up to 100 hands at a time and that might be a bit much but it is an option.

How to Play Multi-hand Video Poker

Multi-hand Video Poker Canada

Now that you know what multi-hand video poker games are, you are probably wondering how they are played. Imagine holding 100 poker hands physically! The first thing that you have to do in this type of video poker is to decide how many hands you want to play with and choose that option. Next, you will have to decide on the amount that you are going to bet and hit the Deal/Draw button. Keep in mind that you are playing multiple hands so try to keep your bets low to avoid big losses. At this point, you should see your base hand at the bottom of the game screen while the other hands are hidden. Here, you get to select the cards that you want to hold and those cards will remain in the same position for every hand that you are playing while other cards will be dealt to fill-up each hand. Winning hands will be credited with the amount that is being wagered.

Advantages and Disadvantages Multi-hand Video Poker

Now that you know how to play multi-hand poker, you are probably wondering what the ups and downs are to choosing this type of game when you can just play single play video poker. The biggest advantage that players get from choosing to play video poker with multiple hands is the excitement that comes from it and knowing that there are many possibilities when it comes to getting a great hand and winning; this alone is enough reason for you to try this type of video poker if you have not done so already.

The only downside or disadvantage that we can see when it comes to playing video poker with more than one hand is the fact that players require a higher bankroll to play it since they are playing more than one hand at a time. If you happen to be betting $1 per hand and play 20 hands at a time that means $20 per game and if luck is not on your side that can lead to big losses.

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